“Pre-Visualization” is a big word. It can mean different things to different people. In essence, its a way to convey a visual idea before production starts. It is a great money saver for the client as well as a way to keep the production team all on the same page. Below are some examples of pre-vis, both animated and still.



Length: 30 Sec.

An "Animatic" is a tool use to help pre-vis a TV commercial. This is an animatic created for a TV spot that I wrote & produced for WCSX Radio, a classic rock station here in Detroit.

Architectural Pre-Vis

Client's napkin sketch

3D render

Length:  90 Sec.

This is an architectural pre-vis that I was hired to do for a proposed renovation project for the city of Wyoming, MI. This is a work-in-progress. I designed a built nearly every thing in this animation. My friend, Chris Scalf was kind enough to be the mo-cap actor for the walking and jogging people. The animation was modeled, textured and rendered in LightWave 3D.

This is pre-viz of a vehicle wrap that I did for the Express Bite Mobile Market project. I hand-built the 3D bus model from scratch. I drew the art in Photoshop.

360˚Virtual Reality

360˚Virtual Reality Panoramas are the next big thing. These are almost always done using real-world photography. I have the ability to create them using 3D models. This is the perfect way to visualize something before it exists. In this example, click the thumbnails at the bottom to navigate.

Story Boards